We are a family company that has been working in various capacities dealing with RF enclosures since 1999, in 2018 we began working under the Dodge Enterprises KFT name.

Our main focus is on different types of MRI room construction and renovation, although we are also able to offer assistance on other types of RF enclosures.

Our work is typically performed in hospitals and health clinics. During new shielding construction, we assemble a typically prefabricated metal (copper or galvanized steel) cage inside an existing "parent" room on site. This Faraday cage is a separate free-standing structure inside the parent room; the purpose being to prevent electromagnetic interference inside the room as it can negatively affect the functionality of the MRI machine. In addition to the construction and renovation of the RF enclosures, we also perform periodic and preventative maintenances on them, as well as offering RF diagnostic testing. Our current market is the EU although we have plans for expansion in the near future.
  • Lightweight construction
  • Copper is the best conductive material
  • Ferrous Free
  • Most common shielding type worldwide
  • The copper shield is electrically isolated and does not connect to the parent room
  • Acoustic upgrades available
  • Interior ceiling can be hung directly from the inside of the shield frame
  • Interior finishes can be attached directly to the inside of the shield frame
  • Very durable
  • Sandwich type panel construction, particle board between two thin pieces of metal
  • Galvanized steel typical but copper or aluminum also available
  • Can make improvements to the containment of the magnetic field
  • The shield does not connect to the parent room
  • Acoustic upgrades available
  • Interior ceiling can be hung directly from the inside of the shield frame
  • Comes in multiple thicknesses
  • Multiple layers are put together to achieve the final thickness
  • Easy to handle
  • May require additional support outside enclosure depending on the total weight

Before handing over a completed enclosure to the customer, the effectiveness of the RF shielding is checked with measuring instruments and the values are recorded. RF tests are performed not only upon completion of new installations but also commonly during renovation or maintenance work where a pre- and post-test may be required. These tests are crucial in assisting with detecting possible weak points in the shielding. They allow us to locate any issues, that we can in turn rectify, in order to provide the customer with an assurance that the shield is performing as per their required specifications.


9416 Dudar, Rákóczi utca 13. Hungary e-mail cím Dodge Dustin +36 30 328 2246 Dodge Eszter +36 30 208 2426 facebook.com/Dodge-Enterprises

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